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Tree Roots

Rebel Tree is a consultancy, a trainer, a sounding board, an extra brain, a facilitator, a writer, a strategist, an idea factory, a guide, an expert, a collaborator, and so much more. I specialize in governments, nonprofits, public agencies, and clients who seek to work or improve relationships with public agencies.  While I have spent much of my career in public service, I love working with private sector clients. 


You might need a full scale communications or crisis communications plan, a few hours of brainstorming, media and communications training, or you may know you need something, but not exactly what. Whatever your communications needs, Rebel Tree can help.

My areas of expertise are government, nonprofits, strategic communications, crisis, media relations, information exchange, traditional and social media campaigns, community engagement, and community education.  I am able to help your organization grow its communications strategies to face your challenges; both expected and unforeseen.  I work with you to find and develop the tools and skills that you can use for years to come to communicate with your clients, colleagues, constituencies, and communities.

Rebel Tree is planted in the idea that communications happens all the time with or without our attention.  If we don't tend to it, it may grow beyond our control.  Intentional and thoughtful communication doesn't have to be boring and anemic, it can be creative, bold and effective.

I live in Charlottesville, Virginia, but I love working with folks anywhere and can often do much of my work for you remotely. For more about my services, please visit the service list.


Let's grow boldly.

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