At Rebel Tree, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or product.  Below are many of the services I offer.  If what you are looking for isn't listed, or it's close, but not quite right, let me know your needs and we will craft a plan together. 

Planning and Strategy

  • Strategic Communications

    • At the core of Rebel Tree's services is strategic communications. We are all communicating all of the time, and our organizations are as well.  What we are not necessarily doing is communicating with intention and strategy.​  Strategic communications planning is my bread and butter.  Whether you simply need a few conversations to guide strategy development or a full-scale strategic communications plan, I will help you work through what you need and how to best get you there.

  • Crisis Planning/Communications

    • Crisis is a language I speak fluently. I can help you plan for the things you hope never happen.  If you are operating without a crisis communication plan in times of calm, you will have one more major undertaking if the unexpected comes to your organization or community.  Trust me, that is not the time to be doing the work you can do now.​  I may be available to come into a community to assist staff with the communications in the time of crisis.  This is done on a case-by-case basis.  If I am unable to travel to you, it is often possible to provide counsel and assistance remotely.

  • Emergent Issue Consulting and Management

    • Sometimes, even if we have meticulously planned ahead, a day comes when we need what I call "a second brain."  Often, these are times of fast moving issues or crisis.  Whether you need an hour on the phone to talk through something that has you stumped or you need someone on scene to help communicate your message, let's talk about what I can do for you.  Please note that, as these issues are frequently unpredictable, I may be unable to travel when you need me.  If we agree to work together, I can develop a plan to assist you remotely as much as possible.​


Practical Communications

  • Writing​

    • My first love is writing.  I can produce press releases, media content, speeches, PSAs, longform articles or any other product you may need. If you simply need a punch up, I can edit or polish what you already have on hand.  I am also happy to ghostwrite for you, build an outline or write a skeleton piece to help provide you structure for your end product.

  • Community Engagement and Education

    • Everybody talks about community engagement, we know it's important, but what is it?  How do we know if it's working?  It's easy to have a meeting, it's harder to have engagement.  From ​crafting an engagement plan to facilitating a series of meetings, Rebel Tree can help you truly engage with your constituents.  Education is an equally important part of successful relationships.  How are you helping your community understand what is happening and how they can participate?  Do you have educational resources and opportunities?  If you are providing data, are you also providing tools to help interpret the data?  Let's make your education efforts robust and effective.​

  • Facilitation

    • Whether you need to work with groups of folks outside of your organization or within​​ it, a neutral, trained facilitator is an important tool to help you have productive discussions that lead to useful conclusions.  There is no one facilitation style that works for every situation.  Together, you and I will identify the right method for your needs.  Facilitation can help you get buy-in from your partners, develop plans that have achievable targets, and be more productive as a team.  Let me help you keep your conversation on track.

  • Media and Campaign Development

    • Through Rebel Tree, you can develop the media products that will help you make the right statement or communicate the right message.  If needed, I'm able to subcontract trusted colleagues to provide you with anything that I ​cannot directly create.  Having led multiple organizations through rebrandings, collateral development, and other large-scale multi-platform processes, I can step in to your organization and do the same for you.  Additionally, if you have a specific issue or matter to push out to your community, I can help you put together​ a comprehensive campaign based on the demographics and media landscape of your target audience designed to reach your goals.​

  • Web and Social Media Advising

    • There are so many platforms available to us today that it can be hard to know which ones your organization should join and how to use them if you do.  There may be an opportunity for you on a platform you never considered, or don't even know exists!  Each platform has a different type of optimal engagement.  Working with your goals and capacity, I will develop a plan for your website and social media platforms to maximize their potential.  I can also perform a content review of your website to look for legibility and ease of use to improve the end user experience.​



  • Training

    • I conduct trainings nationwide, from basic media training to specific training for Public Information Officers.  If your team needs ​anything from how to write an effective press release to crisis communication training, I would love to work with you. If desired, I can create customized trainings for an organization with sufficient notice and information. If you are looking for a workshop for a conference or a speaker for an event, I do both for a wide variety of audiences of many sizes.​​  Please also see "Facilitation" in the previous section.


  • Communications Assessment

    • Organizational assessments provide insights on your strengths and growth areas.  By regularly assessing your communications operation, you will be better able to get your important messages to the right people.  During assessment, we will look at your current assets and strategies to determine if they are meeting your needs.  There may be opportunities you are missing, or tools that are outdated and no longer serving you.  Internal communications can also be examined, improving your relationships with your team.

  • Communications Staff Development

    • No matter how experienced we or our teams are, it is valuable to invest in professional development.  In addition to the trainings I provide, I can work with you and/or your communicators to develop or update personal codes of ethics, improve relationships with the media, prioritize self-care in times of great stress and more.  This is vitally important, a strong and cared for team is one that will stick with you.

  • Internal Relationship Development​

    • As much as I wish this wasn't the case, our organizations don't always see the value of a communications operation.  Other times, familiarity makes our relationships with our coworkers, staffs or supervisors strained.  When this happens, an outside party brings a fresh perspective that strengthens relationships and/or reinforces the importance of the role of communications.  Let me facilitate the hard conversations and help you work toward a workplace where people have stronger interpersonal relationship skills and increased productivity.

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  • What do you need?  Can I help?  Maybe!  Drop me a line and we can find a time to chat about your goals and whether Rebel Tree is right for the job​. 

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