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What's a Rebel Tree?

single tree under a cloudy sky overlooking a valley

When I began to think about launching my own firm, I wanted a name that was me, but not my name.

I spent many years as a spokesperson for cities. In a role like that, it can sometimes feel as if you are, quite literally, your job. Waiting in line to checkout at a drugstore, or getting your teeth cleaned or any other regular day-to-day activity can quickly turn into work. That's the job, and I never minded. But in this chapter, I needed to not see my name as synonymous with my work.

So I landed on Rebel Tree. The most poetic translation of my full name in Hebrew. Me, but not overtly. It is still my business after all.

But it's not just because it's my name. I loved the rebel tree more each time I thought of it. A rebel tree grows where it's planted, but can branch widely and wildly. Unwieldy branches, the odd leaves that pop up at end of a limb that seemed dead, the buds that bloom in their own time, they're doing so with the security of deep roots. The tree's stability lets it be free and rebellious, maybe growing from a cliffside, or around a boulder, or above a tree line.

My background is in government, admittedly not the most creative of fields, even for communicators. But if well-run organizations are roots, then we can grow boldly knowing that our core is strong. We can be creative, even wild, reaching for new communications successes, branching into our communities and trying new things that may or may not work because we are grounded.

That's a rebel tree. Let's plant a forest.


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