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The 4 Es

hand holding a golden compass in the woods with a forked path in the distance

I debuted a training at the annual 3CMA conference in Denver earlier this year which I found resonated with those in attendance and, maybe surprisingly, with myself.

It's always interesting when we create something that speaks to us. How long have we been working with that idea or concept before we were able to launch it into existence? The nice thing about developing trainings and workshops is the ability to not only put these into action for others, but to work with those who are participating to refine and improve them.

In this case, I landed on the idea of "the four Es" to guide any communication. Frequently I am asked to speak about or work on crisis or emergent communication. Despite the difference in the pace of these events, the core of the work we do in them is nearly identical to what centers our everyday comms.

The four Es are my way of defining that core and setting my navigation. They are four points of a compass. I believe that, by following these guideposts, we can better serve our organizations, our communities and ourselves. I am going to give each of these a blog post of their own, but for now, the Es are:

- Ethics

- Expectations

- Engagement

- Empathy

Think about what these concepts mean to you, and to your work and organization. Are they consistently in your mind, even if they are not articulated? Can you define them? Not the dictionary definition, but in your words?

Stay tuned for more on each E. If you'd like me to bring a training, presentation or workshop to you and your group, let me know I'd love to talk to you about how I can help.


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