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Share and Share Alike

paper chain of people

Normally I hate presentations or blog posts that start by giving a definition or root word. Nonetheless, one of the things I think we overlook in communications is exactly what it means to communicate.

Communications comes from the Latin root "communico" or "to share."

What does that mean for us as communicators? I would argue that it means that we are professional sharers. Sharing is, at its core, about community (a word which, not coincidentally, shares its roots with "communication"). When we share we give, but we also receive. We often think of communications, professionally, as a one-way operation. We are givers of information, yes. But if we are not also receiving information, we are abdicating one of our most sacred obligations.

I was thinking about this when I had the honor of speaking at the 3CMA annual conference earlier this month. In my session, I worked hard to open the discussion and felt real joy when we started having conversation. Standing up and speaking is useful, but often engaging with the people in the room is better. Not only am I able to answer questions and fill in holes, but the folks who have come to the session can teach me if I let them share with me. I think my workshop is excellent, but it's extraordinary when it includes conversation.

So, how do we make sure we are sharing and not just shouting into the void?

I have a radical new communications strategy: talk to people.

All of the tools and technology we have at our fingertips are wonderful, but they don't give us the feedback we might need to know if our messages are reaching our communities. More vitally, they don't always let us know if there are messages we are missing from our communities.

I think we can change the game by slowing down in the face of a fast paced world and make the effort to share and share alike.

Want to talk or talk about talking? Get in touch.


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