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Everyone Makes Mistakes

list of misspelled words crossed out with red ink and the correctly spelled word mistake

There are so many lessons that we learn as kids that we somehow lose sight of as we age.

To me, one of the most important is found in a Big Bird song on Sesame Street called Everyone Makes Mistakes. The lesson is, very simply, that we all screw up. On the surface, I would imagine that we can all acknowledge our imperfection. But we often try to project an air of infallibility to the world.

We elevate perfection, even though perfection doesn't exist. When we are imperfect, we believe we have failed.

This doesn't mean we shouldn't strive to deliver error-free products, data, statements or writing. But it does mean that when we find ourselves in error, we should correct as quickly as possible. Owning our mistakes up front with humility, honesty and (if appropriate) a little humor, helps us not only to correct course but to build relationships.

Ultimately organizations are human systems. When we don't acknowledge the humanness of ourselves and our colleagues, we reinforce the idea of cold, unfeeling, mechanical institutions.

Owning our error, or simply that we don't know everything builds strong relationships. But it doesn't come naturally to many of us.

Could your team use a training or facilitated workshop aimed at improving communication and owning (rare but inevitable) mistakes like champs? Get in touch.


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